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“Expressionism that reverberates from their souls and into their instruments. Its devastatingly contagious”

Prog Magazine, June 2017



“A wonderful assemblage of angular riffs, head-scratching time signatures and crunchy grooves, wrapped up in a bundle of technical virtuosity”

Prog Magazine, Nov 2015



“Utterly speechless. The Parallax Method is the instrumental band of the year”                                      

Rock Fanatic



“This is not your average run of the mill rock music. The musicianship is strong. 9/10”                                

Metal Temple



“Conceit-free technicality” 

The Punk Archive

“The musicianship is superb, the tunes are stupendously complex yet amazingly simple....its damn near perfection”



“A bold and groovy EP. This accomplished debut is the work of experienced, talented musicians”       

Prog Magazine, Oct 2015



"The EP never has a whiff of indulgence or showing off which can and often does afflict many progressive spawned offerings, meaning that The Parallax Method is definitely a band to pay attention to"                                                            

Ringmaster Reviews, 2015



“An EP that is full of original promise and heavily stylised groove, perfect for all kinds of listener”

Rock Regeneration

“A refreshingly modern take on instrumental prog”

Rhythm Magazine 

“Every listen of The Parallax Method brings escalating joy and adventure”

Ringmaster Reviews, 2017

"The songwriting itself is where the true mastery lies within this album, Simplicity without feeling mundane, elegance without self-indulgence, skill without boasting"




“Right off the bat, the band dismiss the niche that currently lingers like a Friday night curry fart over the modern progressive metal scene.  Sheer talent"                                          

Rock N Reel



“Daring and talented, you shouldn’t miss a beat or even a note"

Samer Bata Reviews



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