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Previous musical endevours have garnered support from the likes of Scuzz TV, Classic Rock Magazine, Prog Magazine, Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Team Rock Radio and Planet Rock. 



Conceptually, The Parallax Method lean on the themes of space and a perpetual battle between the owl and the squid to convey their unique sub-genre of modern prog. Space signifies the vast and epic nature of each track. The owl; wise and powerful, manifests itself in the music in its confident and strategic build ups. The squid; sneaky and sly embodies itself in the surprising twists and turns. And the battle between them often ends in violent stalemate and often betrays the bands humble standard tuning...........................or something like that!

With vastly diverse inspirations between them, but a combined love of modern prog acts such as Tesseract, Karnivool and Periphery it was all but inevitable that the trio would start crafting music with this style in mind. Interestingly though instead of going down this route exclusively, The Parallax Method combine this ultra-modern prog style with old school classic rock tones, genuinely interesting songwriting surprises and refreshing melodic overtones.


Danny Beardsley - Guitars, Dave Wright - Drums and original Bass player Daniel Hayes began their journey towards prog-rock majesty together back in 2011 during their tenure in hard rock band Isolysis. Unbeknownst to them at the time this lay the solid foundations needed for a fated reunion in 2014 when concocting The Parallax Method began. The Summer of 2015 saw the departure of Daniel Hayes and the swift addition of Ben Edis (Spirytus/Breed77) making The Parallax Method a formidable force ready to take on the world of Prog.



Collectively the boys have amassed over 30 years of experience, touring the most illustrious rock venues nationwide, as well as appearances at some of the most prestigious festivals including Download, Bloodstock, UK Tech Fest, YNOT Festival, Hammerfest, Hard Rock Hell, Nottingham’s own Macmillan Fest and the HRH Road Trip Festival in Ibiza.




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